Pricing Plans & Options

Have your own dedicated professional assistant from as little as £5.00 per hour. Use or cancel at any time

All packages include premium support.

£8 / hour

5 hours

£40.00 +vat
(That’s £8.00 per hour)

Access a small amount of assistance

Free Trial
£6 / hour

10 hours

£60.00 +vat
(That’s £6.00 per hour)

Feel the difference a dedicated assistant can make

Free Trial
£5 / hour

20 hours

£100.00 +vat
(That’s £5.00 per hour)

Get the full experience of a professional assistant

Free Trial

Any hours you don't use will roll over to the next month

Trial us for free. No fuss, no payment. Test us out to see how we maximise efficiency & save money in your business. 020 3807 0741

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What’s Included?
Contact directly using email, phone, SMS & what’s app.
Dedicated professional assistant
Available during your working hours
No Limit on the number of tasks
Dedicated account manager
All work guaranteed under our money-back guarantee
We can send & receive emails|
Tasks completed within a few hours
Cancel any plan or switch at any time
Easily add extra time for busy periods or projects
Choose an option that’s tailored to your needs,

We can build a plan customised to your needs for no additional cost, please ask us in your enquiry. Just ask.

How does Easy Assistent work ?

We have a team of highly experienced UK & International based Professional Assistants ready undertake any tasks or responsibilities, whether it's a 1 off job or an on-going responsibility that can be completed off site, we offer the flexibility & reliability to put your mind at ease. We charge an hourly fee, which is charged retrospectively with all tasks referenced along with the time taken to complete detailed on the invoice. With rates from £5.00 an hour you will see an immediate saving. We have plenty of testimonials from large & small companies all over the UK.

Our job is to make your job easier & free up your time to concentrate on your highest value tasks that make you the most money! For further information or to speak with one of our Easy Assistants today please call or email us with your enquiry.

Start Saving Money Immediately;

If you compare the costs of hiring an assistant against the cost of our services you will see an immediate saving.

Important Factors

Rate of pay

Start & stop & use when is suits you

Time needed to get started

Office equipment (computer etc.)

Sick days, maternity, holiday & pension

£5.00 / hour
(£10,400 / year)





Hired Assistant

£15.00 / hour
(£31,200 / year)


6 weeks

£300 +


Common Questions;

How do we start?

We start by finding out some basic information about you & your business then we take instructions on what it is you need doing & start completing the work.

What’s the guarantee?

We guarantee the quality of all our work under our lifetime guarantee, so if you’re not happy with our work we’ll credit you back.

Can I really start & stop any plan at any time?

Yes you can. You can pause, re-start, cancel or upgrade at any time.

How are my hours tracked?

Your assistant records the time taken to complete each task by the minuet. All tasks have a unique reference number that the time taken is recorded against so you’re clear on exactly how long each task takes to complete.

Can you work under confidentially agreements or NDA’s?

Yes we can, if you files are sensitive or confidential we can provide non-disclosure agreements as required.

How does the Free Trial work?

We offer a Free 5 hours of work to any new customer wishing to trial our service.

Will I receive a discount if I regularly use you?

Yes our plans are completely customisable & we offer clients who use us frequently or take out large bundles of hours the very best rates.

Can we log in to your companies accounts & computer systems?

Yes if you can provide us access we can log in remotely. If any technical integration is required we also have a department who can handle that for you.

How can we transfer Data, Files & other information to you?

We use email, phone, What’s app, Dropbox & many other cloud based systems.

Can my assistant send & receive emails from our company’s email address?

Yes if you would like to provide us an email address you would us to send & receive emails from this is a free service.



Easy Assisstant is the secret weapon of thousands of high achieving people in companies like Google, Facebook and more. So far, we've saved people like you from more than 1,417,711 time consuming tasks.

Our Professional Assistants are available now, please contact us to see how we can assist you.