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Leave everything else to your dedicated assistant.

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How to get more done with the same number of hours in a day?
Easy Assistant give you the best of both worlds, a UK based point of contact and international virtual assistants we can help you with an array  of tasks at a price point that suits you.
Sick days/Annual leave to cover
Time to focus time to focus on revenue-driven activities
Recruitment/training/holiday costs
Flexibility only pay for the hours worked
To do list to worry about
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"My Virtual Assistant has helped me focus on my most important task & grow my business."

Lauren Wilkinson

"I have reduced my overheads & saved significant sums of money through using Easy Assistant."

Mike Davies

Every task on your to-do list has to be done....but not by you.

Do you have more to do than you have time for? If you answered, "Yes", then a Easy Virtual Assistant can make a dramatic difference - freeing you up to do your best work.
So what exactly we at Easy Virtual Assistant can take care your hands? Admin, organising, social media, writing, researching, invoice checking, data entry and more... Try A Virtual Assistant Now
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How does Easy Assistent work ?

We have a team of UK & International based Professional Assistants ready undertake any tasks or responsibilities, whether it's a 1 off job or an ongoing responsibility that can be completed off site, we offer the flexibility & reliability to put your mind at ease. We charge an hourly fee which is charged retrospectively with all tasks referenced along with the time taken to complete detailed on the invoice. With rates from 5.00 an hour you will see an immediate saving. We have plenty of testimonials from large & small companies all over the UK. Our job is to make your job easier & free up your time to concentrate on your highest value tasks that make you the most money! For further information or to speak with one of our Easy Assistants today please call or email us with your enquiry.

Picture of your new virtual assistant

Wondering what makes a great Virtual Assistant?

Knowledge. Experience. Integrity. Collaboration. Since 2007 we've selected only the most experienced, mature and accountable UK and internationally based Virtual Assistants. They take great pride in a job well-done.